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What is Crowdfunding?

Learn about all the different types of alternative funding and why it's better than traditional bank loans.

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Learn advance funding tips on how to start research, build successful funding campaign, and marketing strategy in bringing the crowd to you.

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We are the largest user review website in the world for crowdfunding platforms. We have hundreds of reviews for top funding sites.

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Filter by platform type, categories, and region to the platforms that you qualify. Sort the websites by ratings or number of visitors. Compare websites side-by-side to quickly see key differences.

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We gather all the essential information about the platforms in one location. Learn about the platforms and how much they charge within minutes.

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  • I wanted to expose Businesses and Entrepreneurs my team and I provide technical assistance to, to the concept of a Crowd funding Campaign as an alternative way to raise capital. Alex’s concise Website is a one stop shop to access practically all crowdfunding providers in the market today. I have invited Alex numerous time to discuss the tenants of Crowfunding to very interested small businesses and entrepreneurs. Alex has always gone the extra miles to provide assistance with this new emerging concept of crowdfunding. Partnering with Crowdunite has been impactful to businesses and entrepreneurs we work with.

    Christian Damiba , Director of NYC Business Solutions

  • I want to thank CrowdsUnite and especially Alex Feldman for spending so much time in learning about our businesses to find the best way to raise money for us. He helped us with all the steps of the funding process and introduced us with great contacts. The help was invaluable.

    Alfred Pena , CEO of Rhythmology

  • Alex did a great job of helping us sort through the maze of marketplace options. Our phone conversations were engaging, frank, and full of insight. Thanks for the help Alex.

    Jeff Huston , CEO of Pet Power Products

  • "Crowdsunite" has been a wonderful vehicle for me personally as I was in the midst of trying to make a choice of which platform to go with. It was then my business advisor Mr. Jeff Hamer of NYC Business Solutions Center introduced me to Alex Feldman. Mr. Feldman has been very informational & has since invited me personally to several workshops that I found useful. This organization is great & well suited for an entrepreneurs needs when planning a strategy to Crowd Fund.

    Jill Marie , CEO of Ebonee Rue`


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