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CrowdsUnite guides users through the crowdfunding process from start to finish. We are the biggest crowdfunding review site in the world. We bring order and transparency to the crowdfunding industry through:


Learn about the vast world of crowdfunding before starting your campaign. We provide educational material, financial tools, and all the essential information about the platforms; including fees, countries they operate in, and categories they service.

Finding your Best Crowdfunding Site

Users utilize our easy-to-use navigation to filter the platforms that they qualify for, sort them, and then easily compare them side-by-side. With hundred of crowdfunding sites out there users can also check out crowdfunding website reviews to help find the best option for their campaign. CrowdsUnite is the only one-stop website that provides you with all your crowdfunding options.

Connecting with Experts

We provide users with the opportunity to connect with crowdfunding experts both on and off line.
We provide educational classes for those interested in crowdfunding in New York City. We bring those working in crowdfunding together, from novice to expert, at our monthly informational and educational classes.

We provide users with information on the ins-and-outs of crowdfunding and all the resources to make their campaign great! We give users the opportunity to promote their campaigns to those interested in crowdfunding. Businesses and individuals come to CrowdsUnite to get updated on what’s going on in crowdfunding.

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