3 Steps to Marketing Your Local Crowdfunding Campaign

by Alex Feldman

June 30, 2017

Crowdfunding can be a brilliant way to get the capital you need for a project, and also to spread the word about what you are doing and get people interested before you even launch. If you have decided to try and raise money through crowdfunding for something local, whether it is opening something, starting an event like a festival, or anything else intended towards your local community, then the approaches you will need to use will differ slightly from those you’d use to run a national or global crowdfunding campaign.

For one thing, you will probably want to focus as much, if not more, on events, appearances and other forms of offline promotion for your campaign as you will on things like social media. This is because your target audience is physically close by and easy to find and engage with. To do this well, here are three steps to take:

Plan Your Calendar


Most crowdfunding campaigns run for a set time – usually one month. During this period, successful crowdfunders make promoting their campaign their major focus, and put in a lot of work. For a local campaign, this means you should be looking to arrange as many things as you can. Find out what events are going on during your crowdfunding period, and how you can be attending them and getting in touch with your target audience. Try and set up interviews with the local press, radio stations and blogs to go out at key points in your campaign. Set up your schedule, and then plan how you will support all of your appearances with your online activity, for instance promoting where you’ll be to your backers and social media followers.

Get Plenty of Materials to Give Out


Once you get to actually pounding the streets and attending all the events on your calendar, it’s important to make a lasting impression. People may be inspired to give to your campaign, but you want them to feel really engaged with it and follow your updates – this will not only encourage them to become big fans of your project once you actually get it going, but will also mean they will help spread the word about what you are doing during your campaign. Get some high quality printed materials you can give out and also leave in places where your target audience will go (with permission), such as bars and shops. You can order what you need from a company like Show Case Creative before you begin campaigning.

Recruit Fans, And Be Seen Everywhere!


Now you are ready to start building some hype! Get as many of your friends involved as you can in getting out and about to spread the word about your campaign. If appropriate, get them wearing branded t-shirts, stick your logo on anything you can, and try and make it so that your area is awash with your branding for the entire duration of your campaign. You want everybody to be asking what your campaign is about, and spreading the buzz among their own friends!

Hopefully, by doing all of this alongside your online efforts, you’ll be in with a great chance of having a successful campaign!