3 Ways You Can Crowdfund a Car

by Alex Feldman

August 18, 2017

With the power of the Internet you are no longer limited to your neighborhood for many things. You can get the money you need to bring a product to the market through the investments of everyday people instead of corporations or think-tanks. You can get help from the online community when you are in dire need. You can help fundraise on an international level. There are so many ways to crowdfund. You can even get a car.


How, you ask? Here are 3 ways you can appeal to the generosity of the online community and crowdfund for a car:

1.To Travel



If you want people to crowdfund for you to travel, you first have to have a personal brand. YouTubers are the influencers of the travelling world. If you have a brand, or rather a channel, that people like and buy in to, you can ask them for the help to purchase equipment that you need to continue your journeys and continue to make videos for them.


As you are, of course, appealing to the generosity of your fans, don’t go overboard with your requests. You can buy used cars for sale at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new car. Not only will you get the wheels you need, you don’t look like you’re trying to get a free handout.


You want to provide your viewers with a great product, and they are willing to put a little money towards making that product come to life. Always, always be humble and grateful for them and their help.


2. In Your Time of Need/In Someone Else’s Time of Need


Depending on your situation, you might be able to crowdfund for a car by appealing to the generosity of good people. Say your car died on you, only work is an hour away and you have to support your kids on a single income. Be sincere, be honest, and hope that the people on these crowdfunding sites believe and sympathize with you.


This also works if someone hears your story and starts a crowd fundraiser on your behalf.


Amazing things have happened with crowdfunding. Everyday people have helped their neighbors in need and really come through for them. You could be one, too.


3. For a Fundraiser


People love to help others. The reason it doesn’t happen often is because people need to first feel connected and to empathize with the person they are donating to. You can also crowdfund a car for a fundraiser. For instance, if you are a high school that is looking to fundraise money to help support an underfunded department, or student, or teacher that desperately needs help. You could put the story online and crowdfund what you need to buy a car, and then auction that car off for more than what people initially donated.


The secret to successfully crowdfunding anything is to be honest. Be honest and be real. People hate to donate or fund liars and scammers, and they won’t donate to you if they don’t believe you.