5 Tips for Unwinding When You Have a Stressful Job

by Alex Feldman

December 2, 2019

Stress is often unavoidable when it comes to your job, especially if you have a career you truly care about and want to get the best out of. Stress can often come from wanting to give the best you can and working yourself up with the pressure that you put on yourself as well as that which naturally comes from the workday. 

When you’ve had a significantly stressful day, it’s often hard – or even impossible – to wind down when you arrive home. However, it’s important for your own wellbeing to ensure that you switch off in any way that you can, and these 5 tips can help. 

  1. Don’t Do Anything Too Demanding 

You may have a huge list of chores to complete or cleaning, which is overdue, but it’s inadvisable if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work. The key to relaxing is to take the pressure of responsibility off when you arrive home. If the chores can wait for another day, let them. Instead, find pleasure in non-demanding and frivolous things, such as watching a TV show, playing games on your phone or checking the lottery to place a bet on the Mega Millions – anything which brings even a small amount of pleasure and doesn’t require a lot of energy. 

2. Do Some Exercise 

If you’re the kind of person who needs to work off their stress through physical activity, then exercise may be hugely beneficial. If you find that a demanding day leaves you with a lot of pent up energy which simply won’t allow you to sit still and relax, then consider going for a run, a walk, hitting the gym for an hour, or even doing some exercises at home. 

Relaxing exercises such as yoga may even help more in freeing your mind and calming your body. 

3. Get Comfortable 

Do whatever you can to make yourself comfortable, especially if your stressful day has seen you chained to a desk or without much physical movement. You could take a hot bath or set up a comfortable place on the couch to keep yourself warm and grab a hot drink and some snacks to help you unwind. You could even go straight to bed and get an early night if the comfort you need is sleep.

4. Distract Yourself

It’s difficult to allow your mind to switch off after a grueling workday. You may find yourself replaying your actions at work or worrying about a particular task. 

To be able to unwind adequately, you need to distract your mind. Consider reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music or even meeting up with a friend to talk about anything but work. 

5.Avoid Anything Work Related 

Don’t be tempted to check your work emails once arriving home, and be sure to switch off your work phone or work laptop if applicable. If loved ones ask you about your day, it may be better to explain that you’d rather switch off and not talk about it, as you may risk becoming worked up reliving the stresses of your day.