6 Kickstarter Order Fulfilment Tips

by Alex Feldman

November 6, 2020

You’ve completed your Kickstarter campaign with the help of your backers. Now, it’s time for you to deliver on fulfilling the rewards you promised them. This is usually a big task for many, and there are several factors you need to consider. In this comprehensive article, we will be giving you 6 Kickstarter order fulfilment tips that can make things easy for you.

Design a Thorough Survey for Your Backers

The first thing you can do to make your order fulfilment less stressful is to design a survey after your project has been successfully funded. The survey will allow you to get the necessary information from your backers such as sizing, shipping address, choice of color and so on. If your project involves promoting your brand, you can outsource it to a blogger outreach agency, who can get your brand into the best blogs to be seen.

Choose the Right Fulfillment Partner

Once you have sent out a detailed survey, you need to choose a fulfilment partner that is perfect for you and can meet your needs. With the right fulfilment partner, the manufacturing, packing, posting and shipping of the rewards to your backers will be easier for you. So always ensure that you do extensive research on whichever company you want to choose.

Construct a Realistic Budget

According to Investopedia, setting a realistic budget helps ensure that you don’t spend money you don’t have. When making your fulfilment budget, there are several variables to consider like production cost and shipping charges. You need to set a realistic budget and stick to it. You can also put aside some buffer money to ensure that you don’t pay anything from your win pocket.

Simplify Your Rewards Offering

When planning out the rewards you want to give to your backers, you must keep it simple. While the idea of offering a multitude of products as rewards to your backers can be appealing, it can often get confusing and tedious. To help avoid this, you should simplify your rewards offering and make your fulfilment straightforward.

Keep Your Backers Up to Date

According to Business News Daily, communicating with your backers is one of the ways to ensure crowdfunding success. Be honest and transparent with your backers and let them know what is going on. Even after your campaign is over, you can keep them up to date as to when they’ll receive perks and assure them that you will make good on your promise.

Pick a Reasonable Shipping Date

It’s exciting to reach a fundraising goal, and you will surely want to fulfil your promise to backers. However, even after getting the products that you want to use as rewards and working with the right fulfilment partner, you need to be cautious when picking shipping dates. Budget a week or two for product quality assurance so that you won’t have to spend on recalling products or refunds.
This extensive article has discussed six different tips that you can use to make your Kickstarter order fulfilment as stress-free as possible. Remember that it is essential to get the right information from your backers via the survey, and you should also partner with the right fulfilment partner. Also, don’t forget to set a realistic budget, simplify your rewards and communicate with your backers.