Best Branded Products for Millennials

by Alex Feldman

April 19, 2021

If there is one demographic that chooses to identify with sustainable, socially responsible brands around the world, it is perhaps the millennials. Wanting to showcase these values through wearing or displaying branded merchandise is not a new phenomenon, however. This is a factor that marketing teams across a range of different industries have known for a great number of years. 

If you happen to be a member of the enigmatic and often referenced millennial generation or wish to promote your own brand to some of the world’s biggest spenders, here are some products worth thinking about. 

Custom Socks

The best custom made socks can speak volumes for a quirky, cool, and stylish brand, particularly because branded socks can come in a host of fantastic colors and designs. 

You may want to ditch the traditional monochromatic style and opt for socks that make a statement, proving your brand is style incarnate, wishing to make a statement all the way from top to bottom. 


A mainstay of branded clothing and casual appeal since 1919, depending on who you ask. It represents counter-culture, streetwear, and, of course, comfortability. 

Popular the world over, branded hoodies are a great seller and a champion of the logo. They do not seem to be going out of fashion any time soon, making them a great choice to opt for a brand wanting to promote their unique aesthetic. 

Since the hoodie does appeal to such a wide audience, it may be worth thinking about the best way in which to design a range of cohesive styles to fully extend your reach. 

Branded Water Bottles

There is currently a large emphasis on the reusability and sustainability of items, rightly recognized by a huge portion of the millennial generation. With single-use plastic water bottles hopefully becoming a relic of the past, custom water bottles are the choice for many. 

This can make for a superb marketing opportunity, as branded water bottles can help not only promote your brand image but possibly highlight your company as a business that stands up for current values that millennials identify with. 

Going for eco-friendly manufacturing and using sustainable materials is also a point worth noting. 

The Hat

With so many different designs, logo potentials, and style options, a hat is simply a must when it comes to branded products. 

The trucker hat style especially has long been identified as the clothing accessory that happily and unobtrusively carries a brand logo or message, making it a mainstay in the marketing arsenal. 


Sometimes, less is so much more, especially in the form of beautiful stationery. A branded pen that emanates an understated elegance is a great way of using subtlety to your advantage. 

Spending some time on the physical design of the item itself is a great way of crafting something entirely unique to your brand name. 

Face Masks

This is great way to promote safety, social responsibility, and your brand name. Face masks might be worth looking into since everyone is still wearing them for the time being.