Corporate Entertainment Ideas for Sports Loving Clients

by Alex Feldman

October 28, 2019

Corporate entertainment can be a great way of saying to thank good customers for their business or saying thank you to your employees for how hard they have worked to achieve a recent goal. There is no end of events to choose from, and it will help if you know what they prefer. Are they music lovers, big foodies, or huge sports fans? If the people you want to entertain are sports lovers, here are a few ideas that could be ideal.

NFL Football

Of all the sports leagues in the world, The National Football League has the highest average attendance, with the matches being among the most-watched programs on TV in the US. Just think how much better it would be to see a match live instead of watching it from home. This could be the ideal entertainment for your corporate event. You can make a day of it by purchasing your tickets from Ticket Sales so that you can find the match you want to attend and even arrange for a meal afterward for all your football-mad clients or employees to discuss the game you’ve just watched in real time.


Baseball is considered by many to be the national sport of the US, and most Americans certainly enjoy it. You cannot go wrong with taking your sports-loving clients or workers to a baseball match and letting them get involved in a wonderful day’s entertainment. Corporate events at baseball matches can include the best seats, a few beers, and some snacks. You can sometimes arrange for your visitors to meet team members too, which would make the day even more special.

Horse Racing

Despite some people’s views on gambling, horse racing in the US continues to be extremely popular. Its history can be traced back to 1665, when the first track opened in New York. Over the years, it has evolved to include several different types of racing, including Endurance Racing, Quarter Horse Racing, Harness Racing, and Thoroughbred Racing, which are all exciting in their own way. Add to that the possibility that the horse that your guests have placed a bet on could win, horse racing can be a very exciting day for all.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular indoor sports in the US. It is a sport that is played and loved worldwide and is included in the Winter Olympics, America winning its first Gold Medal at these in 1960. A corporate event at a game of ice hockey can be a great day out, and as it is played indoors, there are usually many other facilities available, such as bars and restaurants.

Other Sports

These are just some of the sports you might like to use for your corporate event, and there are many others that could be just as good. Tennis, golf, badminton, and wrestling are a few more suggestions. It is a good idea to find out if your visitors like a particular sport, but for most of them, it will not matter as most true sports enthusiasts will enjoy the event regardless.