Crowdfunding Tools

by Alex Feldman

January 31, 2016

crowdfunding marketing tools

I’m always on a lookout for the best possible tools to help crowdfunding. If I see a tool that could be useful I share it on our site, CrowdsUnite and in the classes that I teach in NYC. Below is a list of different tools that can help you increase your community, help to reach your crowd, and improve your campaign. All of these tools still require work from the campaign builders and should be done months in advance of the real campaign.  With that said here is the list of these really great tools. Most of them I tested personally.  Some I did not test but still think they are a great idea. If you have any other suggestions for crowdfunding tools or if you have any experience about the below ones, please let me know and I’ll be happy to share with others.


Building a Crowd

  • Krowdster – Krowdster has many tools to help you build your crowd, which include twitter building tools, journalist list, and content search. It also provides great analytics for Kickstarter and Indiegogo which tells the average success rate, amount raised, and backers all categorized by categories. They also provide data about the optimal amount of rewards to have and what are the best prices for them.
  • Prefundia – Lets you create a simple landing page about your product which captures emails from potential supporters. Great to use if you don’t have a website and starting to promote your idea.
  • ThunderClap – Using ThunderClap you can blast a message on the day of your launch or a few days later when you have raised some money. The single message will go out on social media to all of your core supporters who opted in. Of course they can just share the information from the campaign page. This is a good way to gauge how big your community is and to figure out how big their social reach is.


Managing your Contacts

  • GreenInbox – Allows you to send direct messages to your email contacts (similar to a newsletter). Also sends direct email messages to Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts and Twitter followers. Facebook and LinkedIn don’t have a way to send direct message on their platform and posting something on your wall will not reach all your connections.
  • nimble – Contact Manager system which combines all of your contacts from all difference sources into one place. This way you don’t message the same person twice.


Promoting after Launch

  • KickBooster – Allows you to create affiliate link to your crowdfunding campaign. It gives a little more incentive for people to share your campaign with others.