Features to Save up for and Invest in for Your Growing

by Alex Feldman

November 19, 2019


If crowdfunding landed you on your feet as a new business, then this isn’t necessarily the end of the story. As you grow and develop you will need to make bigger investments along the way. These money-spending assets could help you to save, grow bigger and stay ahead of the competition. You may even need to resort to crowdfunding again to cover some of the costs. Here are some investments that could be well worth your time and effort. 

New Tech

Many business owners flinch at the potential cost of new technology. However, if you work in an industry which requires the latest computer program to create forward-thinking products, or if you have old desktop models that are prone to breaking, then you will need to fork out funds for some new technology to help push you forward.

You might also be surprised by just how much resentment old technology can create amongst employees. They may feel neglected or not listened to if they are still working with old tech that slows them down or prevents them from doing their job. 

Waste Management Tools 

Every business creates waste, but some do so more than others. If you produce a lot of scrap plastics or metals, then you will need to compact the materials and send them to a processing plant. You can easily hunt for your preferred waste and recycling equipment online before you agree on a price point as a company. 

A New Workspace

If you have already outgrown your old working space, you may wish to branch out somewhere larger and far more usable for your company. Your workspace should be enjoyable to spend time in and big enough to comfortably host all employees during your working hours. You don’t necessarily have to think extravagantly; you just need to make sure it services your needs. 


Let’s face it, there’s plenty of research that can be done via quick Google searches or by running e-surveys through your social media channels. However, if you’re trialing a new product or if you want more precise feedback, then you may have to shell out on more expert research. A marketing agency is likely to carry this out more effectively and they may be able to give you a strategy to go with it. 

To that end, if you don’t have a marketing team as part of your force, or if you are unable to have one, an agency could be a good place to approach. You will have to put aside a budget for a marketing campaign, but it could be worth it if you want to boost your reach. 

What you end up investing in will depend entirely on your business’ needs. However, it’s always worth thinking practically when you’re about to make a new investment. If you have the budget for either a new workspace or a new marketing plan, you will need to pick the most urgent solution.