Five Amazing Things You Can Do with Crowdfunding

by Alex Feldman

March 29, 2018

Crowdfunding has helped revolutionize society. From business to creative pursuits, to even charity, there is a crowdfunding application. It allows the people to give voice and show their support for the causes, business, and products that they care about by putting forward money. It gives people the chance to say what they want to see in the world. Here are the top five amazing things that you can accomplish through crowdfunding:


Fund a Video Game

The video game industry, by now, is pretty formulaic. Furthermore, this formula is failing, as EA can attest. That is why people want the power to help support indie games beyond rudimentary development, and it is this very desire that helped fund Star Citizen. This video game has amassed a record $148 million through crowdfunding. The games only downfall now is that due to its massive budget its release date has been pushed back indefinitely as they continue to add features to satisfy their fans’ great expectations.


Invest in Real Estate

Crowdfunding also has the opportunity to give you money back. Investing through Fundrise, for instance, allows the average person to put their money into the real estate market and see a return investment. You invest your money, and the company in question uses your money to further their portfolio. In return they give you a percentage back.


Launch a Business

Equity crowdfunding became legal in 2012 when the former president Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act and expanded further in 2013. Essentially this act allows everyday people to invest in a business. It means you can help a brand launch by investing in it. So, if you have a friend whose cupcake business you can see doing really well, you can invest in her company under the JOBS act (up to 1.07 million USD).


Help Someone in Need

There have been some truly beautiful stories coming out of the crowdfunding community. These typically involve not just helping charities out, but by helping out individuals in need. The crowdfunding platform allows a narrative to be created, engaging in the empathy of users and offering a real, genuine way to help those in need. Crowdfunding is, in many ways, more successful than charity in this instance because you know who you are helping, you know their story, and typically you can follow their story and how your contribution made their lives better.


Make Events Happen

There are so many brilliant people out there with visions, and crowdfunding can help those visions happen. It allows businesses to start, and it can help popup events find the funding they need.


Crowdfunding puts the power to the people when it comes to choosing which projects they want to back. If the project in question gets the funding it needs, the money is then invested, if the company does not reach its crowdfunding goals, the money you donate is returned to you. Therefore it is easy to see how it has grown in popularity.