Five Ways to Boost Profits at the Beginning of Your Freelance Career

by Alex Feldman

October 15, 2018

Taking your profession freelance is similar in many ways to starting your own business. The only difference is that instead of managing a team, you are the only employee. You are still in charge of your operations, marketing, outreach, finances, and every other aspect of running your own business. The upstart costs are significantly less, of course, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to establish your freelance career as soon as you can. Boosting profits from the start can help you support yourself and move forward with confidence, and to boost your profits all you need to do is try these five methods:


Start a Great Website and Blog to Set Yourself as an Industry Leader

Starting on your own as a freelancer should never be a spontaneous decision. There is so much to do in terms or prep work that will either make or break your career. For example, it is very difficult to make it as a freelancer without some sort of reputation backing you. To build this reputation, start before you quit your day job. Operate a great website that posts regular, compelling content about your niche or industry. This way you can grow an audience and your reputation online, a trait which will be important when sourcing clients in the future. In fact, your first clients might just be your regular readers.  

Attend all Events in Your Industry for Networking Opportunities

The more you network, the more opportunities will be made available to you. As a freelancer, these opportunities will not happen naturally. You need to go out of your way to attend as many events in your industry or niche as you can. This way you can meet important people, make the right connections, and be present for every opportunity that comes your way.


Have an Official Business Address

As a freelancer, appearance is everything. You need to convince your clients that you are the best person for the job and that you are reputable, honest, and trustworthy. Working from home doesn’t always give the best impression, especially when you are dealing with high-end clients. That’s why renting out a desk at a London coworking space can be so beneficial. Not only can you enjoy a professional work environment while getting your tasks done, you will also have a great business address and have access to meeting rooms as you need. This will impress clients, help you be productive, and give you a physical location for clients to contact you at.


Don’t Sell Yourself Short  

Though an upstart freelancer might have difficulties finding work at first, that doesn’t mean you should ever sell yourself short. Working for less than you deserve is the easiest way to minimize your profits. You need to be upfront about your costs and how much you deserve to be paid. You won’t be able to ask for the big figures until you have more experience and qualifications to boast, but that doesn’t mean you should be struggling, either.

Freelancing is hard to do and harder to keep up with, but if you successfully adopt the lifestyle and commit to your passion fully, you can make it.