How to make your brand stand out from the crowd

by Alex Feldman

March 13, 2018

Brands today exist in a truly crowded marketplace, and it’s only getting busier as new brands launch each day. As a brand owner, it’s crucial you work to make your brand stand out from the crowd — to attract customers, investors, employees and potential partners. Failure to capture the attention, and imagination, of your audience can be fatal for a brand, especially a small and independent start up.


As such, there are techniques you can adopt to ensure your brand voice speaks loudly and clearly:


Use your brand name effectively


Looking at the naming strategies behind the biggest brands in the marketplace today, it’s clear there’s no one right approach to take. Apple: named after a seemingly unrelated item. Coca-Cola: a nod to the product formulation. Absolut: a unique selling point and brand personality. Indeed, the approach you take will depend on what you’d like to represent with your brand.


For example, Apple’s brand personality is inventive and unconventional. Therefore, to be named in a way that’s inventive and unconventional is fitting. Coca-Cola is about traditional and longevity — named after original ingredients. Absolut: a no-nonsense, bold approach to life and vodka distilling. As we see from these great brands, naming poses a powerful opportunity to define your brand and communicate its values to your audience.


Design is key


Every part of your design strategy plays a role: from logo to website, to packaging, to email footers. If one part of your design isn’t working optimally, it will begin to erode your brand communication.


To effectively stand out from the crowd, you could consider a category-breaking design approach. Imagine the wine aisle in your local liquor store, you’d immediately notice a label with bright, bold colors and big typography: a design that went against the entrenched category codes. In a similar way, you can draw attention to your brand by doing something unexpected with your design.


The most important design factor, however, is its seamlessness. You must ensure that your brand personality and communicate is clear across all your touchpoints, including your website. Hire a Big Commerce developer with a proven track record of establishing brands and websites that work.


Identify your unique selling point


Why should a customer purchase your product versus a competitors? What is your competitive edge? What do you have that no one else can claim? These are all questions to ask yourself in order to identify your unique selling point (USP).


Once you’re clear on what’s distinguishing and different about your brand, you’ll want to communicate this with your audience. Your USP should have selling power, and the ability to answer your consumers’ needs. You may even want to include this USP in your brand copy, for example, Coca-Cola’s classic ‘Always the real thing’ slogan.


Stand out or fade away


To guarantee commercial success, you’ll want your brand to be easily recognized and favored in the busy marketplace. Customers are exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day, so make sure yours is one they won’t forget.