How to Pull of a Perfect Product Launch

by Alex Feldman

October 4, 2019

You may have spent months – or even years – conceptualizing, designing, and creating the perfect product for consumers to enjoy. Once your product is ready to hit the market, it may seem like this journey has come to an end. In fact, the initial reception of your product is one of the most critical moments in regards to its success, or potential failure. Of course, it is imperative that your product is good value, high quality and there is a desire for it, but it is essential to remember that how your company markets the product when it is released is almost as important. Here is a concise guide to pulling off the perfect product launch. 

Create a Reliable Launch Team

If you are serious about a successful launch, you will need to be organized: the first step is to assemble a competent and motivated team. It is advisable that this team compromises of existing colleagues who have an interest in marketing and events planning, yet you need to be sure you are not putting too much pressure on them in addition to their existing job. Choosing senior employees is probably not the best idea. They can, however, be utilized as a sounding board for your product launch team. Once you have assigned a suitable team, you are ready to start the product launch preparations. 

Test Your Product

Regardless of the product you are releasing; it is essential that you implement rigorous testing and usability research before your product enters the market. Although this may seem like a time-consuming venture, it will save you a lot of effort in the long term. The later you discover an element of your app or website is confusing to users, the harder it is to fix. If you are too time-pressured to do the coherent research yourself, you can invest in a professional service such as who will conduct user testing and research on your behalf. 

Plan an Event

Many companies focus on digital marketing and the virtual launch of their product, while completely forgetting the importance of a physical event that will create a buzz of excitement around the launch. It is important that you plan an awe-inspiring event to celebrate the launch of your product and invite key players in the industry and local journalists. 

Utilize Social Media

You may be wary of social media as you are launching your new product, but it is an essential tool for any contemporary strategy. Principally, it is a free method of marketing your product to your potential consumers, and it will enable you to reach existing customers, too. It is important that you create a social media strategy and don’t just post incoherent messages through your channels. Social media will be an essential part of your product launch. 

Pulling off the perfect launch is all down to organization, planning, and marketing your product or service. The earlier you plan the product launch, the more likely it is to be successful.