How To Use Technology For Good

by Alex Feldman

June 23, 2017

Technology isn’t always given a good name. There are times it causes frustration and animosity. We worry about data breaches and security hacks, while trying to make sense of how to keep ourselves safe. There’s no stopping it, so it makes sense to embrace it.

If you focus on the negative aspects, then that’s all you’ll consider. Turn your attention to the positive traits of technology and you’ll see a different story. There are plenty of ways it helps us in our daily lives and, in fact, there are some people who are addicted and can’t live a second without it. See how to use technology for good.


Hospitals and doctors use the advances in technology to better serve the people through medicine. It’s now possible to book appointments online, read medical records and message your doctor with questions. Research and technology have resulted in more efficient surgeries and advancements in curing diseases. There’s also new technology in most hospitals and labs to make the experience better for all.

Data Recovery

It happens every day, lost data at work, school or on your personal phone. Luckily, there are individuals and companies available to fix these type of problems. In fact, iPhone data recovery is quite common because of the issues associated with this type of loss, such as impact or water damage. It’s a real bummer when you wreck your phone or your computer crashes. Fortunately, there are experts who are able to calm you down and swiftly recover your data.


Quickly and efficiently promote a cause through crowdfunding efforts. This is an excellent way to publicize your cause and notify the community of your needs. The public responds and makes donations that are life changing. This is the perfect example of how technology is changing lives. The fact that you’re able to get your ask out in front of thousands of people in seconds is amazing.

Social Connections

Of course, technology is useful for connecting with friends and family. The social networks make it easy to stay in touch and share memories and pictures. Technology has made us more connected than ever and, while at times it’s overbearing, it’s nice for bringing families back together. Social networks are also entertaining and it’s nice to be able to watch funny videos and laugh whenever you’d like. These websites are addicting, so it’s smart to unplug from technology every once in a while.


Technology allows you to work and make a living. You use the Internet to get ideas and solve problems all the time. There’s no living without it when it comes to your job. You’re always online completing tasks or looking up answers. It’s also beneficial for telecommuting and offering employees the opportunity to work from home. This is a great perk for those who are trying to cut costs and having families.


Technology isn’t all bad. There are many ways it’s changing the world in a positive way. This is how to use technology for good.