June 6, 2013

If that doesn’t have you tongue-tied, perhaps you’ve got a future that’s crowdfunded in poetry?

Amanda Palmer 

In April of 2012, Amanda Palmer became the first musician to reach the million dollar mark on, a rather remarkable feat given that an average project raises only $5,000. Her fans rejoiced—their donations had funded an album and tour in which she invited guest musicians to join her on stage. The gesture was perhaps a kind one, as she continued to afford starving artists the chance to perform before a crowd of captive listeners. The problem was that, aside from the pleasure of performance,…

May 6, 2013

Indiegogo and KickStarter are two popular reward based crowdfunding websites. Using CrowdsUnite compare tool we can compare any crowdfunding website side-by-side.

Indiegogo VS KickStarter


I highlighted all the areas where the two websites differ. I didn’t highlight platform type because technically a project on KickStarter could ask for money in return for a simple thank you. Therefore all reward based platforms can be considered donation platforms as well, it’s just that their reward could be nothing. More important KickStarter only likes creative projects, it doesn’t really care what the rewards are. While everything and anything can go on Indiegogo. Lets review other…

April 30, 2013

Kickstarter is currently the most popular reward based crowdfunding website for creative projects. It has some limitations which may require users to seek other websites for the funding. It operates mostly in the USA, having a small operation in England which was its first international expansion a few months back. That means that it accepts projects form everywhere but investors can only donate from those two countries. Another limitation is that its focused on creative projects, more than half of applicants don’t get pass through its curation process. It uses an ‘all or nothing’ funding type, that means that the…

April 24, 2013

Today we are offering our first consulting service which finds the best crowdfunding site specifically for our users crowdfunding projects. The reason why we decided to do this is that in the past few months we received phone calls from random people asking us for help. They heard about crowdfunding and wanted to use it but didn’t know where to start. We spend time with them explaining all of their different options, teaching them about crowdfunding, and helping them with their campaigns. We did this all free of charge because we love our users. This also gave us an idea…

April 15, 2013

Debt Ratio Calculator
I just released the debt ratio calculator online after putting some final touches this week. Most of the logic and the code was written last weekend during the FinTech Hackathon. While the code was written during a 2-day period the idea was with me for a while, and I’m glad that I finally was able to write it. This is just the first version of it, in the future I want to put in other enhancements such as supporting international countries and actually sending information to loan based websites instead of just pointing users to the debt crowdfunding websites….