November 29, 2017

In the past few years, we have seen a massive increase in education-centric crowdfunding platforms and campaigns. An increasing number of students, who are already burdened with student debt or want to avoid getting into this position, are turning to local communities, online groups, and even total strangers in a bid to gain financial help with their college tuition. If you are considering studying for an online MBA degree but the cost of doing so is holding you back, then you might have already considered services such as GoFundMe or Upstart for paying your education expenses. But, is it worth…

November 29, 2017

Crowdfunding can be the perfect way to raise money for a venture or project, but just like any other form of investment, you do need to convince people who are going to contribute of a few things.

While you are generally asking for smaller investments, so perhaps don’t need to pull out all the stops as you might with venture capital investors, you also have a lot more people to persuade, which in many ways means you need to cover a lot more bases in terms of making people believe in both you as a person, and the thing you…

November 23, 2017

In today’s world of business investments, business loans are old news. Crowdfunding is rapidly emerging as a favorite way for businesses, particularly new enterprises, to raise funds for new projects. There are numerous advantages for both businesses and investors in using crowdfunding as an investment platform.

For individuals looking to invest, a Kickstarter allows them to begin investing with only a relatively small amount of funds required to begin. For businesses who are looking to raise money, it is easier to entice individuals to invest in a Kickstarter campaign than it is to sell them shares or stocks.

Before setting up a…

September 5, 2017

After thinking about it for some time, you are ready to launch your first-ever crowdfunding campaign. You have a great idea for a new and innovative product, and the marketing research shows that you are definitely on the right track. The only thing that you are lacking to get this project off the ground is enough capital — which is why you are ready to get your Kickstarter or Indiegogo on and have friends, family and total strangers give you some of their hard-earned money. 

In order to make sure your crowdfunding campaign is as successful as possible and get as…

August 18, 2017

With the power of the Internet you are no longer limited to your neighborhood for many things. You can get the money you need to bring a product to the market through the investments of everyday people instead of corporations or think-tanks. You can get help from the online community when you are in dire need. You can help fundraise on an international level. There are so many ways to crowdfund. You can even get a car.


How, you ask? Here are 3 ways you can appeal to the generosity of the online community and crowdfund for a car: