March 29, 2018

Crowdfunding has helped revolutionize society. From business to creative pursuits, to even charity, there is a crowdfunding application. It allows the people to give voice and show their support for the causes, business, and products that they care about by putting forward money. It gives people the chance to say what they want to see in the world. Here are the top five amazing things that you can accomplish through crowdfunding:


Fund a Video Game

The video game industry, by now, is pretty formulaic. Furthermore, this formula is failing, as EA can attest. That is why people want the power…

March 22, 2018

After thinking about it for some time, you are ready to take the plunge into the world of investing. You like the idea of purchasing stocks in some of the companies that you already frequent and you are interested in opening an investment account at your bank.

In order to make your dip into the investment pool as positive as possible, it’s important to keep some key strategies in mind:
1. Make it Easy to Check Your Stocks
The first time you buy stocks, you will probably be tempted to check your portfolio frequently to see how they are doing. While you don’t…

March 13, 2018

Brands today exist in a truly crowded marketplace, and it’s only getting busier as new brands launch each day. As a brand owner, it’s crucial you work to make your brand stand out from the crowd — to attract customers, investors, employees and potential partners. Failure to capture the attention, and imagination, of your audience can be fatal for a brand, especially a small and independent start up.


As such, there are techniques you can adopt to ensure your brand voice speaks loudly and clearly:


Use your brand name effectively


Looking at the naming strategies behind the biggest brands in the marketplace today,…

January 11, 2018

Crowdfunding can be the ideal way to source start-up funding for your new business. In order to make the money that you need, you will need to come up with a brilliant strategy so that the people who are tempted to invest can see exactly where their money will be going, and why it is needed. These tips will help you to create the perfect crowdfunding strategy.


Get Your Message Right

In order to get as much money invested from as many people as you can right at the start of your campaign, you need to have the right message…

January 4, 2018

Effective marketing is a powerful tool for businesses as it builds brand awareness, forms strong relationships with customers and keeps companies competitive in market. It’s no surprise that some of the leading brands in today’s industry are constantly coming up with new and interesting marketing techniques and focusing on their marketing efforts; they see the results in their millions of social followers, increase in profits and the culture that is cultivated around their products. It does, however, take time and money to research and figure out what works, so why not just learn from those that have already done it?…