Rating API

by Alex Feldman

January 25, 2014

I’m very excited about a new feature that we have been working on. It will allow any third-party site to include our ratings. Kickstarter vs Indiegogo vs Rockethub uses the new API and demonstrates all the functionality it can do. It’s fully customizable and will let anybody show the ratings for any platform.


How it works


Registered users will be able to see a link called “Rating API” in the top right corner of any platform profile page. Upon clicking on it, the options for the API will appear and look like this:




The widget is able to show a rating for particular category like “Customer Support” or the overall rating. It also gives additional options to show the numerical rating or the number of reviewers.


Who will use it


There’s a variety of people who could use this widget. They include:


  1. Crowdfunding platforms who want to promote their ratings. These platforms can now include their ratings on their websites, in press releases, and on blogs.
  2. Journalists and bloggers who write about crowdfunding. These writers can now include our ratings in their articles to give their readers more information about crowdfunding options.
  3. Businesses that serve the crowdfunding industry can use our ratings on their sites. For instance, cf4all.com, a website that aggregates projects from multiple platforms, integrated our ratings to differentiate similar projects on different platforms.


The Future


We are working on enhancements that will automatically add crowdfunding articles which use our ratings to our platform pages. For example if a blogger writes about KickStarter and includes our widget for the rating, we will automatically include that article in the KickStarter profile page.