Selling 101: 3 Time-Tested Methods to Move Your Products

by Alex Feldman

April 29, 2019

No company can survive without sales. They are the lifeblood of every enterprise and must remain the primary focus even in a world where marketing and bragging about user totals have taken on so much significance.

Ultimately, the best strategies to grow sales in 2019 often resemble the same methods that were used throughout the past 50 years. Yes, communication and payments have all gone digital. But relying on similar core principles — that are updated for the times, of course — can get you much farther than many people think.

The following three time-tested and newly proven methods should comprise a key part of your sales strategy.

Go Where Customers Are

The days of traveling salesmen going door to door may be over. But modern firms can still learn much from those who made their living in this bygone era. The lesson is clear: You need to go where your consumers are.

Before people spent much time in malls or on social media, this meant knocking on doors. Today, that technique is no longer acceptable, but there are still options to meet people face to face.

Conferences and trade shows are among the best. In addition to the actual sales opportunities during an event, there are a litany of chances to network, develop leads, and market your brand.

Direct Sales

The concept of direct sales has been around almost as long as trade itself. Also known as person-to-person retail — and currently practiced by more than 100 million people globally — it is just what it sounds like: One individual entrepreneur selling products to another specific individual.

Amway is among the most well-known companies that offer the infrastructure needed to leverage direct sales. While some people have been led astray by poor information about this sales strategy, in reality, there is no such thing as an “Amway scam.” This model is a tried-and-true method to launch and grow a business that has helped enrich countless people across the world for decades. It is one of the quickest and best routes to entrepreneurship.

Social Media

More and more companies — both established firms and startups — are finding wild success by selling through their social media channels. In recent years, the playbook to achieve social sales has been pretty clear: Market your products or services on various platforms and include links (usually with some sort of discount involved) to your pre-existing e-commerce portals, where consumers can quickly make a purchase.

In some cases, especially on Instagram, sales are now becoming even easier. In March, the Facebook-owned image-focused channel introduced its new “Checkout” on Instagram feature. It launched with around two dozen global companies (such as Nike, Adidas, H&M, Uniqlo, Prada, and MAC Cosmetics) and allows purchases to be made directly through the app itself. This service is expected to be further rolled out to the masses in 2019, and the brands that leap first at the opportunity are likely to benefit the most.

Turning Strategy into Sales

In a sense, sales strategies can be thought of like diets. Every year, it seems there is a new fad that draws attention from the masses.

While some increasingly popular trends (think of social media or vegetarianism) have proven to highly successful for many people, a lot of the new buzzwords in the media are little more than noise.

The best options are usually those that have been working for decades. By sticking to proven methods like in-person and direct sales — and knowing how to take advantage of emerging strategies like social media — you will be well on your way to increasing revenue and growing your brand.