Why Branding Your Vehicles Can Be A Great Way to Promote Your Enterprise

by Alex Feldman

April 20, 2017

When you are trying to raise awareness about your new business or crowdfunding campaign, anywhere you can emphasis your brand should be used. As you might expect, this means you need to brand your website and social media pages, as well as considering wearing branded clothing to public events relevant to what you are doing. Another really easy place to put some branding that many people forget about, however, is on your vehicles.

Be Seen Everywhere You Go


While for some types of business it becomes obvious that company vehicles are a great place to advertise a brand, your own private vehicles can easily have decals added to them that will help get your logo and brand seen by lots of people, whether you are driving or parked. They say that a person needs to see a logo about seven times before they remember it and form an association with a brand. If people in your local area see your branded vehicles around all the time or people on the road find themselves behind a car with a logo and web address on it, these people will soon start to recognise it, and perhaps begin to want to know more about what it is you are doing.

Get Your Supporters in on It


If you are running your crowdfunding campaign, then you could all agree to put decals on your cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles for the duration of your campaign to help spread the word. You can also ask other people to help you by agreeing to advertise your logo on their vehicles too. Your partner, parents, friends and even kids may be willing to do something to help advertise your venture, and you could provide smaller things like bumper stickers encouraging people to fund your campaign for those who don’t like the idea of having a full branded decal on their car!

Think also about the target audience for your product. If you are targeting young people, then consider asking teens you know who may have just learned to drive (and if you know people who are currently learning, help them pass more quickly by getting them to practice their driving theory test for free using practice tests at toptests.co.uk).

If you are targeting families, then having your stickers or decals on cars that tend to be driven to places like supermarkets and shopping centres where the kind of people who are interested in these types of products will see them is best.

Spread It Further


If your campaign is a success, why not include car stickers that say that the driver supported you as a freebie in your investor rewards programme at all levels? This way, people who are proud to have supported you may well choose to put them on their own vehicles, giving your brand some further free advertising, which could spread all over the country or even the world!

Vehicles can be an excellent place to advertise your brand, both during and after your crowdfunding campaign.