Why Poor Students Are Looking towards Crowdfunding Sites

by Alex Feldman

June 22, 2017

We’ve all been in a situation where we could have done with a little help when it comes to financing,

but without crowdfunding sites back in the day, it wasn’t as easy as asking random online strangers

for help. That’s all changed today thanks to many crowdfunding websites – they have taken donating

to worthy causes to a whole new level. Not only are people with disabilities benefiting from such

sites, but students are also getting help to pay for their degrees.

How Can Crowdfunding Help My Cause?

Crowdfunding is plain and simply a way of obtaining capital for a project or for personal reasons.

Most people use such sites because they have a good enough reason not to be able to raise the

capital themselves, usually because of a disability or other serious issue. By crowdfunding, people

can ask thousands of strangers online in the hope they will part with some cash to help the cause.

Usually, someone will seek $1,000 or so, and with one hundred people generously donating ten

bucks each, one person’s problems go away. And the same can be done for you if you’re looking to

obtain your online accounting degree by using one of the many bachelors of accounting programs

online, much like the one Maryville University offers.

Crowdfunding Has Helped Thousands of People with Dissimilar Needs

Crowdfunding has really changed people’s lives for one reason or the other. Many poor people from

around the world have used online crowdfunding sites to plea for help, whether that be a poor

family or just someone who is disabled and can’t afford their monthly bills. Crowdfunding has also

helped many businesses get off the ground and many students from around the world obtain


Many Other Students are Now Crowdfunding Their Degrees

It is clear crowdfunding has been a massive hit for people who can’t afford to start their businesses

or even meet their monthly outgoings, and even students have started to crowdfund their own

degrees. We all know tuition is expensive and many students don’t have rich parents or a way to

better their education, and with the help of thousands of people online they are now able to do just


Some Students Do Take Advantage of Crowdfunding

One of the main problems that crowdfunding sites have is that there are, unfortunately, those

students that seem to spoil the party for the students that truly need to crowdfund their degree.

Some students try and secure crowdfunding with the most pointless pleas when they can clearly

afford to pay for their degree. However, most generous contributors can see right through them so if

you have a genuine reason, you should consider making a plea for help.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get help from the thousands of generous people registered on

crowdfunding sites, but thousands of others have changed their lives thanks to the unique idea. If

you think you’re going to struggle to get a student loan or you don’t think you’re going to have any

chance of being able to afford a degree, have a look at some of the unique pitches people make on

crowdfunding sites to see if you have a good reason to do it yourself.