Crowdfunding Classes and Books

Online Crowdfunding Courses and Classes

  Course Taught By Price Description
Working the Crowd: Know the Fundamentals Rose Spinelli $49 This course will teach you how to bring your idea, project or product to life by harnessing the power of crowdfunding.
Secrets to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign William Santos-Powell $149 A-Z guide to creating a successful crowd funding campaign and take over your market with proof of concept!
The $400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula Eli Regalado $999 Learn how I raised over $400k (now over $500k as of 3/15/14) using online marketing hacks for crowdfunding raises.
patty lennon Crowdfund with Ease Patty Lennon $997 When a huge chunk of cash was standing in the way of me creating a conference that would teach hundreds of women how to launch and grow a profitable business I turned to crowdfunding and figured out exactly how to launch and run a campaign that generates oodles of cash quickly and with ease and I’m ready to share with you exactly how you can do it to!
Create a Brilliant Crowdfunding Campaign & Get it Funded! Kimberlee Hayward $295 When all coursework is complete your campaign is ready to launchand so is your brilliant campaign marketing plan!
Successful Crowdfunding: How to Win Backers And Raise Funds CrowdFunding Bank Free An in-depth conversation around crowdfunding, what works and what not when it comes to sourcing money from the crowd.
School of Raising Capital: Use Crowdfunding to Raise Money INVESTyR DealTeam Free Learn how to use rewards-based crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo with the help of crowdfunding experts
Crowdfundamentals Kevin Lewis $25 Learn how to run a successful Crowdfunding campaign using proven techniques and principles!
Hack Kickstarter – 6 Experts Reveal How They Crowdfunded $1m Tom Eilon $45 6 experts reveal their campaign planning and marketing hacks that helped them raise 2-20 times their crowdfunding target
How to Crowd Fund a Million Dollars Lili Balfour $97 Learn how to make money online with crowdfunding, using techniques that have yielded millions of dollars in 30 days.

Crowdfunding eBooks

Book Author(s) Price Description
7 Secrets to the Crowdfunding Game Nathan Reid and Jodie Bentley $199 In our book, we’ll go over step by step on how to create a successful crowd funding campaign on any platform. With our mathematical and creative steps and ideas to WIN at the current wave of crowdfunding projects, you WILL hit your goal.
Documentary Fundraising Guide Faith Fuller $24.95 You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of how to engage supporters online through crowd-funding campaigns, win big-time grant funding, find wealthy donors and turn a chance meeting with a stranger into a donation.
Get Funded Nicole Delger $13.62 Get Funded is A kick-ass plan for running a successful crowdfunding campaign. Get Funded not only tells you what to do, it shows you how to do it.
The Crowdfunding Book: A How-to Book for Entrepreneurs, Writers, and Inventors Patty Lennon $12.96 In this easy-to-use guide, you’ll learn: • Learn how to structure your campaign for maximum funding with the least amount of your time and energy • Become a magnet to potential funders so they are finding you before you have to go out and find them • Access the insiders secrets that helped author, Patty Lennon reach her goal in 14 days and be featured by Indiegogo! • Springboard your campaign into social media buzz to create an eager following of campaign evangelists
Cash from the Crowd Sally Outlaw $9.99 Although crowdfunding has the potential to be an amazing boost to entrepreneurs, only 40% of projects succeed in reaching their funding goal. Crowdfunding platform founder Sally Outlaw reveals how entrepreneurs can shift these odds in their favor.
How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro Steve Stockman $9 How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck is a quick and easy guide that will make your video better instantly– whether you read it cover to cover or just skim a few chapters. It’s about the language of video. How to think like a director, regardless of equipment. It’s about the rules developed over a century of movie-making–which work just as well when shooting a two-year-old’s birthday party.
Indiegogo Field Guide Indiegogo Free We put together this manual from collecting years of data, speaking with dozens of campaigners, and tapping into our team’s crowdfunding know-how in order to empower our campaigners to make the most of their crowdfunding experiences and help them reach their goals.