Funding Services

Kickstarter has 35% success rate and in Indiegogo only 10% of projects reach their goal. Project owners launch their campaign when they are not ready, they ask for too much while their network is too small. What if you can be more confident that you will reach your goal instead of just guessing.  That is why we decided to build a Pre-Funding Platform.


In the Pre-Funding platform users can test their campaign before their actual launch. They can research to see how many in their network will be interested in their product, which types of rewards work best, and perfect the story and video. This will make the project owner launch when he is certain they can reach their goal.
If you are interested to participate in the beta phase of the prefunding platform please fill out this survey . If you qualify we will contact you and work directly with you in setting up your campaign. Otherwise we will notify when the platform will be open to the public.