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Funding from Strangers


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FundAnything is the best way to fund ANYTHING. It’s always free to get started. The money you raise is yours to keep. No repayment is ever required. The possibilities are limitless. People just like you are using FundAnything to make incredible things happen every day! Decide what you want to fund and get started now!

Platform Type Donation,Reward
Category All
Countries of Requesters All
Countries of Givers All
Campaign Type Keep what you raised
Fees for Completed Campaign 5%
Fees for Partial Campaign 9%
Transaction Fees 2.9% + .30


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    by Lyubomir Dimitrov
    Dec 23,2013

    Overall Rating:

    Customer Support

    Funding from Strangers

    Ease of Use

    Fundanything platform experience


    The site is easy to use, intuitive and made to facilitate the process of creation the campaign as well as the process of contributing to it. The other things I like is that it doesn't hide one's campaign it if is not immediately successful like other platforms with which I have had experience. The stuff is polite and helpful.


    There are no many strangers visiting the campaign and I rely mainly on strangers to fund the campaign.

    CAMPAIGN CATEGORY:       Writing

    FUNDING GOAL:          $3,000

    FUNDING RECEIVED:       $10

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