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Indiegogo is a collaborative way to fund ideas. Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, choice, and action, Indiegogo was launched in 2008 to provide any idea (creative, charitable or entrepreneurial) the tools and process to raise money, offer perks and keep 100% ownership. Indiegogo is in over 196 countries with over 100,000 projects.

Platform Type Donation, Reward
Category All
Countries of Requesters All
Countries of Givers All
Monthly Visitors 1,641,741
Campaign Type All or Nothing, Keep what you Raised
Fees for Completed Campaign 4%
Fees for Partial Campaign 9%
Transaction Fees 3%
CF4All Campaign Success Rate 8%
CF4All Avg Amount Raised per Campaign $8,900


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    by Stephen
    Jun 23,2013

    Overall Rating:

    Customer Support

    Funding from Strangers

    Ease of Use

    Firebird Rising


    I have wanted to create this show for many years and through crowd fund-raising it is now happening. Indiegogo is a great crowd funding platform for people to raise money to do their projects, one of the best features is you can run a flexible campaign and whatever amount you raise you get to keep and use towards your project. We did not raise all of our funds but we did raise a healthy amount so we did what we said we were going to do minus a few things we could not afford and with some personal dept we made it happen. I am so grateful to everyone who supported the campaign and for this new way of raising funds to make Art. The best part is that Paypal donations start coming in immediately for the flexible funding campaigns, which means you can get started on your project right away. There is so much preparation that you can do and we did some but with hindsight there is so much more we could have done. You really want to get your social media ducks all lined up so you can hit the ground running when you launch your campaign. Also support from family and friends to help spread the word is essential.


    Their are some glitches and people who have Internet Explorer 8 cannot donate, this was a problem because we know some people didn't donate because of this, they tried, got frustrated and that was it they didn't want to download another internet server. I hope Indiegogo works this out. I thought we would get more world funding from people we don't know because we were selected and listed on Indiegogo's Home page for a week so anyone going to their site could easily see our campaign. We were thrilled to be selected, we tried really hard to do all the steps necessary to get the world and the Indiegogo algorithms to notice us.


    FUNDING GOAL:          $25,000

    FUNDING RECEIVED:       $16,001

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