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Funding from Strangers


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Indiegogo is a collaborative way to fund ideas. Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, choice, and action, Indiegogo was launched in 2008 to provide any idea (creative, charitable or entrepreneurial) the tools and process to raise money, offer perks and keep 100% ownership. Indiegogo is in over 196 countries with over 100,000 projects.

Platform Type Donation, Reward
Category All
Countries of Requesters All
Countries of Givers All
Monthly Visitors 1,641,741
Campaign Type All or Nothing, Keep what you Raised
Fees for Completed Campaign 4%
Fees for Partial Campaign 9%
Transaction Fees 3%
CF4All Campaign Success Rate 8%
CF4All Avg Amount Raised per Campaign $8,900


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    by Hunter Ross
    Sep 30,2014

    Overall Rating:

    Customer Support

    Funding from Strangers

    Ease of Use

    High Fees, unfair, very little stranger giving!


    It is easy to set up an account, easy to upload images and videos (and quick!), easy to start campaign. BUT, be warned, they can freeze your account at any time and then demand a whole bunch of documentation. We he had it all, but the little momentum we had was trashed. I asked them, why not request this before we upload the campaign, or ask for it before freezing it? Their answer was " ."


    Not as easy to use as Kickstarter. Not professional at all! They have very high fees for each donation that is large. Not friendly in long run (they were great initially).

    CAMPAIGN CATEGORY:       Writing

    FUNDING GOAL:          7,500

    FUNDING RECEIVED:       $0

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