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Alex Feldman's latest product reviews November 21, 2012

Razoo help philanthropists make the biggest impact with their resources for the things they care about. Their goal is to promote social good and to inspire others to get involved by making giving and... more »

User's rating: November 05, 2012

Samahope is crowd funding for surgeries. It connects donors with patients in poverty through local medical partners. These surgeries change lives for the better forever. more »

User's rating: October 31, 2012

Crowdfunding website for causes, plans & projects more »

User's rating: October 08, 2012

RocketHub is the world's crowdfunding machine. The site supports a diverse funding ecosystem for art, science, business, and social projects. more »

User's rating: September 27, 2012

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. It is a great platform for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, curators, promoters, performers, and others to bring their projects and ambitions to life.... more »

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